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Provident Dedicated Services LLC

A multifaceted company that offers solutions and funding, to start ups and small businesses. We only work with the best companies in the field and our products are designed to take you and your company, to the next level.

We have professional creative consultants at your disposal, who have an extensive success record of developing, evolving your product and ideas, by converting transactions into relationships.



Why ProDS Credit Repair?

Managing debt and working your way out of debt is much, much more difficult for those with bad credit. Restoring your credit rating can help and it can help you get yourself out of debt and stay out of debt.

Do you know what your credit history looks like? Does your credit need to be repaired? Do you know if your credit information is correct? The odds are that you don’t, and it may be costing you a lot of money – without you even knowing it.

ProDS Credit Repair will help you understand the importance of credit, credit scores, and credit repair services. We do all the work for those who pay their bills. The Credit Bureaus work for your creditors, we work for you!!If the goal of the credit reporting agencies was to ensure accuracy of information, and maintain your credit standing, they would send you a copy of your credit report every year to validate their information. Since they don’t they report what’s easily available, forget to update their records, show little concern for accuracy and your credit pays the price.

Provident Dedicated Services LLC believes that our innovative credit program, along with fast-attentive service, and our industry leading Repair Techniques provide the answer to all your credit problems! So request your FREE Consultation for a credit evaluation with a ProDS credit repair specialist today! There is no obligation and no cost!! Our job is to help you in getting the job of your dreams, the home you always wanted and the interest rate you deserve. Let us restore your economic buying power, results will be seen within 45 to 90 days.

Also, you are entitled to a free copy of all three credit reports annually, visit:


We offer an easy way to get the credit repair process started, select from one of three Credit Repair Packages. Our prices start at $99 per month!

Call now for your Free Consultation to review your credit…Call now for your Free Consultation to review your credit…1-877-737-2388 ext. 3

Starter Package/Silver

  • Standard Negative Deletions
  • Minor Disputes
  • Basic Clean Up
  • Includes Opt-Out Reporting
  • Up to 5 deletions and 5 late payments updated

Gold Package

  • Minimum Negative Deletions
  • Minimum Credit Disputes
  • Correct Payment History
  • Includes Opt-Out Reporting
  • Up to 20 deletions and 20 late payments updated

Platinum Package/Advanced

  • Advanced Deletions (repossessions, bankruptcy, foreclosures, liens)
  • Heavy Credit Disputes
  • Bad Debt Collector Disputes
  • Correct Negative Payment Histories
  • Perform Credit Analysis On Scores within 5-7 business days
  • Includes Opt-Out Reporting
  • Unlimited Deletions / Unlimited Late Payments Updated

Call today for more information on how we can put you on the road to “good credit” with immediate results. 877-PDS-2388/877-737-2388