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Provident Dedicated Services LLC

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104 Invoice Financing and Commercial Factoring

Purchase order financing (or PO Funding) is a short-term commercial finance option that provides capital to pay suppliers upfront so your company doesn’t have to deplete cash reserves. Here is a representative scenario:

A business has a solid purchase order ready to fulfill, but not the funds to pay its suppliers upfront; nor is the bank willing to extend the amount of credit that would be required. Using a purchase order finance loan, the suppliers are paid directly usually via a letter of credit. The business fulfills the order; with proceeds arriving after shipment is received.

Program highlights

  • Advance rate up to 90%
  • No Long-term commitments
  • You choose the particular invoices to factor
  • Ongoing no-cost consulting regarding creditworthiness
  • A quick and easy application process
  • No hidden or upfront fees
  • Personal credit is not a factor
  • The remainder of the receivable is transferred to your account, less our cost, in a matter of days.

Program requirements

  • Application
  • Business has to be established for 1 yr.
  • Loans available for businesses in the US
  • We lend to over 200 different industries, including Oil and Gas companies, Medical and Health Care Businesses and Trucking and Transportation companies.

As you can see, the program’s simple and easy to understand.  If you have any questions or feel there’s something you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate in asking one of our representatives at 877-737-2388 ext 1