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Provident Dedicated Services LLC

A multifaceted company that offers solutions and funding, to start ups and small businesses. We only work with the best companies in the field and our products are designed to take you and your company, to the next level.

We have professional creative consultants at your disposal, who have an extensive success record of developing, evolving your product and ideas, by converting transactions into relationships.


106 Business Funding: How the Pro’s do it

This program helps current business owners learn how to grow their business the right way. We will show you how to separate your personal credit vs. business credit. It will show how to get financing, the tricks & trades of the industry and funding sources only a few know.

  • $50,000 in Business Credit Guaranteed within the 6 month program.
  • D&B Paydex Score Established of 80
  • D&B File Created and Built with a $50,000 Recommendation
  • D&B File and Trade Valuation
  • Establishment/ Maintain/ Build with Experian Business and Equifax Business
  • Pick from over 100 Retail Business Credit Cards with no PG to be used to help cash flow, IE: Costco, Lowes, Home Depot, Office Depot, Staples, Dell, etc.
  • Minimum $10,000 in Non Personally Guaranteed Visa/MC
  • Minimum $10,000 in no PG Business Gas Cards
  • Personal Credit Counseling / Total Business Credit Separation/ Asset Protection Compliance
  • Advanced Business NO PG Loan, Lines, and Lease Procurement at 120 Days
  • Advanced Funding and Loan Programs Based Upon Results and Secure Business Loans Unsecured Step 7 Program…. No PG Loans, Lines and Leases
  • Business Credit Creative Leverage Programs
  • The Most Advanced No PG Resources Available Anywhere once files are built
  • Advanced Auto and Equipment Leasing Programs
  1. Structure Business Properly (within 72 hours)
    1. 411 listing
    2. Business Address
    3. Business Bank Account
  2. Credit Bureaus (within 30 days if needed)
    1. Set up files with DNB and Experian
    2. Get Paydex score and Intelliscore populated
  3. Vendor Accounts (within 60 days)
    1. Open 5-10 Net30 vendor accounts
    2. Get the vendors to report to the credit bureaus to populated a Paydex and Intelliscore
    3. $10K to $20K in vendor accounts
  4. Retail Credit Accounts (within 90-120 days)
    1. Open 10-20 revolving retail credit accounts
    2. $20K to $30K in revolving credit accounts
  5. No PG Credit Cards (within 6 months)
    1. Open 2-3 No PG credit cards