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Why We Celebrated International Women’s Day All Month Long

Girl With TrophyNo doubt you have enjoyed reading about some of the world’s most influential women in this month’s blog. But why spend an entire month discussing women who inspire change? After all, International Women’s Day is just a single day occurrence, right? Really, though, we hope a month full of blogs featuring special women of all ages and walks of life was inspiring to our readers. 

If you have a daughter, take a moment to reflect on how she is living her life and your hopes for her future. The young women of the world may be tomorrow’s leaders. They may be called upon to fight for the rights of women who can’t do so for themselves. They may affect change that results in better lives for people the world over. Yes, our young women are precious and deserve to be recognized.

Sadly, the world today continues to exploit women of all ages. A Pantene commercial that aired in the Philippines dealt with the issues that women face in the work place. It depicted men as being praised as leaders and dedicated workers. Then women were depicted in the same roles, but the words associated changed to things like bossy or selfish. For today’s girls to be tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders, in business and other aspects of society, they need help to overcome these social barriers.

DiversityWomen also need to be seen as deserving of respect. Certainly, the women we have discussed this month make us pause and wonder at the things they have accomplished. We can’t imagine these women as teenagers sending lewd pictures of themselves to boys at school. This is just one of many areas where young women need to be taught to have enough self respect. It’s not just men who need to respect women. These young women need to learn to respect themselves. Hopefully, some of the women we have discussed this month are motivating young women to break free from these reckless social norms and reach out for a brighter future for themselves and others.

Next month, this blog is all business. Do you want to start a business, but find it difficult to come up with a great idea? Do you have a great idea and are just hitting walls trying to fund it? If you are looking for something to help your business, be sure to come back here in April as we get down to business all month long. 

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